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 Level 68 Quest (Vileplant Hunt)

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Level 68 Quest (Vileplant Hunt) Empty
PostSubject: Level 68 Quest (Vileplant Hunt)   Level 68 Quest (Vileplant Hunt) Icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 1:53 am

Once you reached level 68, this quest might be a shock to you. The starting NPC (non-playable character) to talked with is Xian at Rahkon Dungeon Level 2 (R2) hallway. Once you completed 110 Vileplant kills you will need to deliver it to NPC Kuro...

About Kuro, where is he by the way? Level 68 Quest (Vileplant Hunt) Icon_eek

I just downloaded the map and placed information about it. I hope it can help much. I also placed comments in some areas to help you for monster kills. Be careful though.

Level 68 Quest (Vileplant Hunt) R2_map10

Anyways, you will do Deadly Vileplant kills and so on... Level 68 Quest (Vileplant Hunt) Icon_biggrin

Starting from R2 Hallway, monster levels ranged from level 62 - 70s once you got deeper at the dungeon.

Good luck! Very Happy

<picture taken from photobucket - chimen87>
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Level 68 Quest (Vileplant Hunt)
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