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 Dhan to Avenger

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PostSubject: Dhan to Avenger   Dhan to Avenger Icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 1:30 am

This Job Change Quest is for Dhan class who wanted to become an Avenger. They need to be level 50 to do this quest. All Job Change Quest are in solo mode.

Ok, this will be in five (5) sub-quests:

1. First sub-quest
NPC : Damats Heartwell
Location : Par'talluca (Dhan town)
To do : You will be instructed to kill 1 Fire Drake and 10 Flame Spites.
Dhan to Avenger Damats10

(Spoilers: There are lots of these mobs at different locations but i chose Enraged Netherworld for that since that's the most easiest way to get the job done. The coordinates are below C4-C5 (you can't miss it there were 2 interconnecting bridges above C5) Dharvegawan Map.
Dhan to Avenger Avenge10
Deliver to Damats after the quest is done.
(Quest 1 complete)

2. Second sub-quest
NPC : Damats Heartwell
Location : Par'talluca (Dhan town)
To do : He will instructed you to talk with the Orb of Past first at the End of Struggle (you can get there at Arctic Sea Bindstone and on your way to coordinates I-J2/End of Struggle location).
Dhan to Avenger Avenge11
Next, talk to the Orb of History and lastly the Statue of an Exiled King. It will handle you over the dagger that Damats needed. Return to Damats after you get that dagger.

(Quest 2 complete)

3. Third sub-quest

NPC : Damats Heartwell/Statue of an Exiled King (in End of Struggle location)
Location : Par'talluca (Dhan Town)
To do : He will then instructed you to kill the 3 mini-bosses roaming around coordinates J8 of Varvylon map above the Altar of Roha (you should follow the road path to get there and follow the coordinates stated, don't go down in the Altar of Roha, there is no way to go uphill when you do the shortcut inside the altar)

- Kill the the 3 mini-bosses (2 Followers of Betrayed Paladins and the Betrayed Paladin).
Dhan to Avenger Rohan018

< the Dhan was not there, got dced lol! >
- Return and talk to the Staue of an Exiled King and finally talk to Damats to get the next subquest.
(Quest 3 complete)

4. Fourth sub-quest

NPC : Damats Heartwell
Location : Par'talluca (Dhan town)
To do : Once you returned and done talking with Damats, you will be heading at Liom (to get there, use the Limestone Foothill portal stone and head northeast till you see Liom Map. Talk to the Incomplete Statue (coordinates F9-Liom Map) and don't ever waste your time killing the "Immortal Guards" Razz just go and finish the quest. Return to Damats btw, talk to him, and you will have the last quest.

(Quest 4 complete)

5. Fifth sub-quest

NPC : Damats Heartwell
Location : Par'talluca (Dhan town)
To do : He will (and lastly) instructed you to obtain "Pouch of Fragments" (quest item) from Laza Berzen (Laza Berzen Guard Captain at Einhoren, Del Lagos Map). You can see her easily below the bridge along Juba's Waterclock before you reached coordinates C2 (you can use the Town Portal Stone heading Einhoren-Human town).
Dhan to Avenger Laza_b10
And at last, after you deliver the quest item to Damats Heartwell, you are now an Avenger cheers

Congratulations! Very Happy
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Dhan to Avenger
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