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 Dark Elf Mage to Warlock

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PostSubject: Dark Elf Mage to Warlock   Dark Elf Mage to Warlock Icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 1:20 am

Job Change quest begins when you became level 50. Since you choose to be a Warlock for your Dark Elf, I'm sure you will expect "hard" quests to do. It requires a lot of mob slaying and... Ok, I don't meant to scare you Razz .

There are five (5) quests for you to accomplish before you get the Warlock title:

1. Disenchantment of a Warlock
Location : Montt
NPC : Pascal Vistierre
To do : He will ask you to go to Temple of Flox and meet with npc Andelique (he is inside the temple)

Dark Elf Mage to Warlock Rohan013

Speak with npc Andelique and he will ask you to kill a Gnome Moonstone. Head south of the Eduardo Concerto Hall (Montt Map) and double-click on the stone (Lump of Moonstone),that boss will appear, kill it. After you get the Eye of Moonstone (quest item), return to Andelique.
Dark Elf Mage to Warlock Rohan014
(Quest 1 is complete)

2. Magician's Scale

This 2nd quest is a solo quest (no party mode please or you will be doing the quest again).

Location : Montt
NPC : The Magician Scale beside Pascal Vistierre
To do : Double-click the magical scale and it instructs you to kill 50 Paragon Guardsmen.
Dark Elf Mage to Warlock Rohan015
(Spoilers : Paragon Guardsman is easy for you to locate. They can be seen at Caronia's Tomb, Black Dragon Sanctuary, Limestone Foothill, Temple of Silva, Liom, Flame's Core and Red Sands shore - at the Geizan Map). I chose Red Sands shore at Geizan when doing that quest. If you are not confident enough to do it solo ask help from a tanker or a healer (I chose Templar for my quest since the buffs is helpful for you Smile ) REMEMBER don't do this at party mode, let them help you (the tanker will lure and tank for you and the healer (or a Templar) will do the buff/heal work while you do this SOLO quest.
After killing them, go back to Montt, double-click the Magician's Scale and will ask you again to kill 50 Serpenter Caliphs (are you surprised? lol!)

(Spoilers: Serpenter Caliphs are found at Caronia, BDS and Serpenter's Swamp. I chose Serpenter's Swamp for that Razz ) Again, do it in solo and let your tanker/healer friend help you.

After doing it so, return to Montt and talk to npc Pascal Vistierre. (Quest 2 is complete)

3. Grand Counselor Lazesus

This quest is my favorite (at least).

NPC : Grand Counselor Lazesus
Location : Varrow Forest Bindstone (Geizan Map) If you had the Pine Plateau portal stone, it is easier for you to get there (head east). If you are at Kai'non (Morrisen Map) head north.
To do : This quest tells you to retrieve his severed tongue (read the quest details) and will give you the notes about the location of the 3 pieces of tongue that one of his disciples had hid it.
Dark Elf Mage to Warlock Rohan016

- First location of the tongue can be found inside the Temple of Flox (pile of Rotting Flesh). Its beside npc Andelique.

- Second location can be found at the Altar of Roha (Varvylon Map, coordinates J9 I think) its just behind the statue) (Reeking pile of Flesh)

- The last is found at the Temple of Silva (a bit hard for you) since its located at the center of the temple with all the mobs around. Again let a tanker/healer help you with this, and this is a solo quest btw. Smile Coordinates G6, Geizan Map.

- After getting the 3 pieces of tongue, return to npc Lazesus and he will ask you, again, to retrieve his text (The Secret Text of Lazesus). This is the fourth quest.
(Quest 3 is complete)

4. The Foe Devtorre

The Secret Text of Lazesus is found from the mini-boss Devtorre (Lazesus disciple) that roams at Liom Map (Myrtle Woods, coordinates B6) if you cant find these mini-bosses (Disciple of Devtorre and the Head Disciple of Devtorre), they are behind the spot of Venom Alchemists (west side between the drakes and the venom alchemists)
Dark Elf Mage to Warlock Devtor10

After the retrieval (2 books), head back to Lazesus and you will be doing the last quest.
(Quest 4 complete)

5. Entrusted Future

NPC : King George Lyonan
Location: Montt (inside the Castle of Ignis)
To do : Speak with King George Lyonan and he will ask you to kill Edmond Fietra.

Edmond Fietra is found at Dwarf Hill (Eibach Map) coordinates H5 (you will notice him with the 4 stone pillars around him). Kill him, and oh, in solo Smile
Dark Elf Mage to Warlock Rohan017
After you accomplish your mission, return to King George Lyonan and he will, finally inaugurate you into a warlock.

Congratulations, you are now an official Warlock! cheers

Special thanks to my guildies from my old guild who helped me in this quest Very Happy
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Dark Elf Mage to Warlock
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